House Clean For Selling

It’s Clean’s Pre-Sale House Clean: Sparkling Spaces
to Seal the Deal.

House Cleaning before Property Sale

A clean property is your best sales pitch. It tells potential buyers that moving in will be a breeze, and it can even help you fetch your desired selling price.

Think of home buyers as speed-daters – they’re quick to judge. In just a minute, they’ll decide if your property makes the cut. To secure that ‘second date,’ you don’t just shower; you style your hair, tidy your nails, and add a touch of perfume.

Similarly, buyers need to see their future home, not just a house. Clean it up before you sell.

Explore our comprehensive cleaning specifications and ask yourself:

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Our team of cleaners are fully Garda vetted and love what they do. We have combined experience of over 15 years providing cleaning solutions to Homeowners, Landlords, Tenants, Sports Clubs, Recreational facilities as well as Bars and Restaurants.

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